Navigate the user to a specific page based on a single click of the DataGrid (or) TemplateGrid.

So, i would have a table, from there i will be displaying all the items in DataGrid/TemplateGrid. On a single click i want to call a Microflow to navigate the user to different pages based on the item choosen in the DataGrid/TemplateGrid.   Is there any dynamic approach to handle this scenario. Because the user should be navigated to specific page based on the row they click. The navigation mechanism should be something like below.  Row 1 → Page 1 Row 2 → Page 2 Row 3 → Page 3   ….   Row N → Page N   I know this could be handled by Microflow by hardcoding the row-value on exclusive split checks. But i am looking for dynamic implementation.  
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Hello Abdul,

In your grid’s properties, under general, define default button trigger as single click.

Create a button and set it as default, make the button trigger a microflow that performs the desired logic (i.e. it redirects).

If you don’t want the button to be visible at all just give it a style of display:none;

Hope this helps


Hi Abdul,

To make sure: you have/want different pages for each object, not a similar page that shows the information based on the object, or that shows/hides page elements based on the object value?

What attribute are they sorted on in your grid? This attribute can be used to determine what page needs to be shown.

Perhaps if you can show an example of the data it helps making it less abstract and to give the best answer :)