Integer incremental

I created an integer inside an entity, I want to update the variable to make it incremental for example when I click a button the value should increment (++), but instead it deletes the entire student object. I use change object in my microflow and cast it as  ($Student/CountAbsent+1).  So how to create a microflow to increment an integer variable within an entity. And should I leave the default value as 0 or no.
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Hi Adham, 

What do you see in the console in your modeler? You can indeed call a microflow when clicking a button and changing the attribute within the object with $Object/attribute + 1. 

You can have the default value as desired. However you have to check whether the value is empty (when this can occur). So in your change add something like: if $Object/attribute = empty then 1 else $Object/attribute + 1


I fixed the error, turns out that the database had a constraint with the integers to be always 0 when I chose to auto fill then in the data view


These are screenshots of my software and the microflow it self.These are screenshots of my software and the microflow it self.