store owner and store changedby not populating but the store createddate and changeddate are populating

Hi, I have created an entity in domain model that is using    after I create the object in that entity, dates are populated but not the users       Those records in the database got created from the create object above, Please advise why would the owner creation not be set?   Here is the entity definition        
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How are you creating those entities?

If you are creating them from a process such as an After StartUp then they would be run in the System context and not have a user associated with them.


Hi Daniel,

  1. Create an overview page as a data grid of TediExpenses in your app.
  2. For the Owner and Changed by attributes in the columns, select ‘Name’ from the entity ‘User’.  (You can also drill into the account generalisation, but then you have to make sure that the user you are logged in with is not MxAdmin. This is because MxAdmin does not have a local user account.
  3. Now login as a local user who has the user role administrator and create/change some records.
  4. You will see the login name of the user appear.
  5. Please note that standard users by default can only see their own login name and account information. So, a normal user will not see the names of people who changed or created records. Only their own name they will see.


when we create the entity within the readnextline microflow which is called from the java action CSV import, the system context is loss.

Work around solution: 

need to pass the current user to the readnextline microflow within the csv import java action like illustrated:

Then add a parameter in the readnextline microflow:


and finally create the object in the entity like: