Empty output after Export to JSON action call in microflow

I am trying to build pie chart using Anychart widget. For this I am calling microflow to build the output JSON sting, but it is coming out to be empty. The microflows and export mapping screen capture as below.Please suggest how to fix this?    
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I stumbled over the same problem and discovered that I created the object entities (the ones in your second microflow) not correctly. Judging from the pasted screenshot, you have the same issue.


To fix it, you need to also create the associations between the objects e.g. from the JSON_object to the Root object. You can do this by creating a new member in the objects, see screenshots below.



I have turned the debugger,break point and variables pane on to debug the microflow. Seems like I am missing some steps while creating JSON structure mapped data structure.

Can someone share the microflow steps (also mapped export mapping, so that I can compare)  needed to create this structure for PIE chart?