Equivalent function to Microsoft Excels Rate formula?

I have searched the documentation and the app store and cannot find any way to include Financial functions, such as the RATE formula that is in Microsoft Excel. Any idea how to calculate the rate of a payment in a Microflow?
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Hi Ryan, indeed these functions are not included out of the box with Mendix. However, you can extend the out of the box functionality by utilizing Java. Once you create a Java Action, it can be used as a standard activity in a microflow.

Here’s a guide to creating java actions.

It looks like someone has created the Java equivalent of the Excel financial functions on GitHub here. For example, here’s the Rate function. It would be trivial for someone with a bit of coding experience to create a Mendix Java action using this code.

Based on your profile, it looks like you have some coding experience. If so, these instructions should be enough to get you going. If not, let us know where you get stuck and we’ll do our best to help!

If you do end up building a module full of financial functions, it would be great if you could share it with the community on the app store!


Is there anyone at Mendix partner Finaps that can help out Ryan?


Hi Ryan/Eric Tieniber

Do you guys have any update on this?