Get header data from a response of a REST call?

Good morning, I have a question about consuming REST API data. I am requesting timeseries API which can delivery at maximum 2000 datapoints. If the requested timeframe contains more the API will add a link for the next 2000 datapoints in header of the API response. I am using the Mendix REST call service activity and an export template for the timeseries data. As well I have set the option to store the last message body of the HTTP response. Is there possibility to get the header data from a response of a REST call? Thanks and regards Ingo
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Hi Ingo,

Surely this is possible

If you look up the documentation, HttpResponse is generalized from the HttpMessage Object. This object has a 1 to many relation with the object HttpHeader. So you could just perform a retrive on the HttpResponse object




Thanks Reinier for you quick and helpful reply and it works. Have a nice day.