Fill datavieuw with microflow as datasource

Hello all! I’m trying to fill a datavieuw whose datasource is a microflow. The microflow retrieves 1 object from my entitiy  ‘Klant’ where the name is the same as the name of the current user who is logged in. The point is to be able to load all the atributes from this current user and fill them all in. Any ideas?
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I see what you mean now

Current user is always in the scope of a Microflow, so you can just get the name by accessing it like this! Hope this is what you’re after.


This sounds like pretty standard behaviour that you can achieve easily. When you edit a data view, you can set the Data Source property to Microflow (Or Nanoflow).

Any objects from other data views that your Microflow data view is inside, can be used as parameters. Then, you want to create/retrieve an object in the microflow, and set it as the return variable, and you’re done!

Is there a particular bit of this setup that you’re getting stuck with?


I did like Luke said and made the thing easier. 

But i still had a error saying :

Witch I solved by dumping the parameter…


So now it works!

Thanks all!