Login using either username or email address

Hi all,   I want to give users the option to log in using either their username or email address.   So one textbox where they fill either of them in and a password textbox.   I assume there should be a way to set a microflow that tries both the username + password as well as the email address + password combination to login. However, I can't find any documentation on this.   Thanks for thinking along!   Cheers, Paul
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by default this isn't possible. the username is the username and that what you have to deal with.

BUT; you could try the following

  1. NP entity with username/emailaddress & password field: both normal string
  2. dataview on login page which shows a object of your login entity
  3. login is nanoflow which: tries to retrieve a user (possible in sub-microflow call) with both combinations and if found:
  4. use the login jscript action to login the user.


though not 100% sure if this solution is really possible. 



The best way to provide sign-in/login functionality is to identify user with email instead of username, because emails are always unique.

Also there will be no security breach, if you check login in the microflow with email and password combination.

For the above, you can crate custom login page, call a nanoflow/microflow and check that user exist with entered email and password or not.
You can you default mendix sign-in system or create your own login api’s.