No read access to attribute

I’m getting this error for a enumeration list I made that uses a micro flow to count all submissions of a survey by category of what they pick. What do I need to solve this kind of error? I am doing a small spin-off for the university tutorial development.  No read access to attribute 'TotalNumberOfGlutenFreeMeals' in entity 'MyFirstModule.TrainingEvent' for user role 'Trainee' (with role 'Trainee' in module 'MyFirstModule').Attribute (path) of caption template parameter {2} of text 'Text'Page 'TrainingEvent_Overview'MyFirstModule 
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Hi Joseph,

That error sounds like you need to update the access rule for the Training event entity. Go to the entity and open up the properties. The last tab is called “Access Rules”, and select the rule for “Trainee”. Then go to the attribute “TotalNumberOfGlutenFreeMeals” in the list and give read or read/write access for this module role. 



Hope this helps!