Retrieve Multiple Lists Associated With Each Other

Hi – I’m retrieving multiple lists from associated entities A, B, C (so three Retrieve activities, one for each entity).   Entity A is associated with entities B and C.  So when I Retrieve from entity B, I only want to retrieve the rows from entity B associated with the rows that were retrieved from entity A.  How can I retrieve an associated list without adding an entity as an input parameter? Is an entity/object input parameter required for this? I’m trying to avoid having to create an object input parameter because I want to be able to run the microflow from a place in my app where the object cannot be passed. I’m thinking an Xpath constraint may work? Thanks for any tips!
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When your domain model looks something like this:

You could retrieve the lists in a microflow with the use of some xpath.

Imagine that I would like to retrieve all objects A where the attribute is equal to the string x.

In the microflow add the following retrieve from the database:

To retrieve all the objects from B that are associated to the A objects the second retrieve would look like this:

And if you are not using the list of objects from A then the first retrieve is not needed and the retrieve for B and C can be performed without retrieving A, but only constraining the results for B and C on the association and attribute value of objects in A