DateTime from week number

Hey, I have a week number, now it try to find the first day and last day of that specific week if a datetime object. Can someone help my with this how I can do this in a microflow?
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I think you need to look at the “w” pattern when using parseDateTime. This is the week in the year. You’ll also need the year for this to make sense. So for the start date where $WeekOfyear and $Year are string with the week in the year and the year respectively, I think you need 

parseDateTime($WeekOfYear + ' ' + $Year, 'w YYYY')

and the end of the week will be 6 days from this value, so if you saved it in $StartDateTime, you’ll need

addDays($StartDateTime, 6)

I’ve put an example microflow up to show you how this can work.