Creation of a new row when a certain attribute is configured with a logical condition

Hi All,   Here is a situation when a user selects a row in the data grid and edits, he changes the value of the attribute where a condition needs to be defined. When the entered value is greater than the defined conditional value, a new object should be created in a new row.   The steps are: The user selects a row in the data grid and clicks on edit (Project overview page)     The project overview page appears, where the user gives the review version value as 2, when he clicks on Save, a new row for the same project and customer should be created in the project overview page (above screenshot)     I know that a microflow should be defined for this and attached as an event to the review version attribute with a conditional value greater than 1 followed by a new creation object. However, the microflow needs to be defined for the Save button. which I assume as per the needed logic.  Could you please assist me how eaxtly I need to define the microflow?   Regards. Anirudh
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Create a microflow that retrieves the current record from the database with the xpath like [id = $entityname], name this entityname_DB

Now you have the record as it is in the database and the current record on the screen of the user.

Create an exclusive split (decision) with $entityname_DB/version < $entityname/version.

Then handle the create of the new record on the outcome of the split.

Attach the MF to the save button by changing the action for the button. Don’t forget to save the current record in the MF and close the page.



Based on the microflow, when the review version is greater than 1 (in this case, I entered the value as 2), and I commit Save, the screen freezes with no response.

On the create object, 


I defined the attribute “Review version” to 2. I think there is a mistake at this step for a new revision to be created.