Trying to move a list of objects from one entity to another, but this is not working...

I have an entity called user and two objects user1 and user2. User1 has a list of items, which I want to transfer from user1 to user2 (who doesn’t have any items yet). For this, I made the following microflow, in which I: retrieve both lists iterate over the list of user1 and add each item to the list of user2 iterate over the list of user2 and remove each item from the list of user1.   The good news is, that this works like a charm. When I retrieve the list of items from the database (immediately after the second loop) of user1 it indeed consists of 0 items and user2 has the items that were formally of user1. However, the funny thing is that if I use this microflow and call it from another microflow, that user1 (after calling the microflow) still has all the original items in its list. Where do I go wrong?   EDIT: I also tried to do the same with including commits for both users, but that did not change a thing.
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What you describe is behaviour I cannot explain, but I would advice a different methode:

  • retrieve WeekstaatList of User1 
  • loop over WeekstaatListUser1
    • change iteratorWeekstaat/Weekstaat_User to User2