Email Attachment

Hi I am using SMTP configuration for sending email. Simple email is working fine now i have a requirement in which i have send an document which is generated by a microflow in email as attachment. I have tried using microflow Sub_CreateAttachments  but it seems it is asking some template as parameter. Now i don’t get how to connect my generated document to template. can anybody guide? Thanks
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No it is not requesting a template, it is requesting the attachment files in a listwhich should be attached to the email (another parameter).

So let's say you have some pdfs you want to attach to a given email, you can do like this;

1– generate your email

2 – generate your pdfs and put them in a filedocument list and return it

3 – pass the email object and pdf list to mf Sub_CreateAttachments=> your pdfs are now attached

4- send email by ivk_sendemail ..attachments are associated to email object which will be handled also without passing it explicitly