Mobile app wont start after calling popup form from role-based home microflow

My mobile app needs to redirect to two different OAuth servers after login, to retrieve tokens. The solution we’ve built does the following from the home microflow for a specific role: Check if there is an OAuth token for system1 and if this token doesn’t exist, open a popup page with a javascript snippet which does a redirect in the in-app browser. The popup page contains a MicroflowTimer that calls a nanoflow after 1 second to close the popup. N.B. This works well, because the javascript does the redirect in its own window and when the navigation returns from the OAuth server, it does’n land on a page, but the home microflow is called again. The home microflow checks for the OAuth from system1: this exists now. Then it checks for the OAuth token from system2 and when it does not exists, it follows the same logic as in step 1, but with another redirect URI. The problem is that the mobile app keeps showing the “Starting app” loader and does not open the popup page the second time. When the second OAuth token exists and the app should redirect to the home page, the app doesn’t start. When I use the debugger I can see that the open page action is called, but the page is not opened: nothing happens in the app. In the responsive environment it works well. It may have something to do with Mendix 7.23.8, because we didn’t have the problem some time ago when we were using 7.23.4. Rolling back to this version is not an option, beacause we have been developing for a month since the update. Does someone have any idea? Using a fullpage instead of a popup is not an option, because when it closes automatically it calls the home microflow again. And we cannot keep the pages open because the user will see the empty redirect pages then. Any help is much appreciated!  
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