E-mail widget and reference selector

Dear all, do we have anyone I could contact in regards to references in Mendix and email-sending? In the logs, we find two errors in regards to this: emails cannot be sent due to no email address is found (though there is always an email address linked through a reference) sending email failed to mail server I believe that catching the references within the object is not done in time and therefore, sending the email causes an error. Does anyone have experience with this specific problem or knows how to tackle it? The App was built with Mendix Pro 8.3 and with the Siemens Layout available in the private section of the App Store. Thank you in advance, Sabrina
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Can you add a little bit more detail about your setup? 

If you use the emailtemplate module from the appstore there is a IVK_SendEmail microflow. This uses a 'Email' object as input parameter. If you fill the attributes correctly the email should get send.

Furthermore the module has an 'emailsettings' object, this should be configured with the smtp server settings in order to send the email.