How to change DataView content based on Microflow return type.

Hi All, I am trying to retrieve ‘Machine_Name’ based on status of the machine. Example: If ‘Status_Id=1’ the microflow returns all the ‘Machine_Name’ s with status id 1. ERROR: Parameter ‘Machine_Log’ of the selected microflow does not match available arguments. No arguments are available to ‘dataview1’. I hope required screenshots are attached.    Any help is appreciated.  Thanks!  
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Create a retrieve on Machine_Log with an xpath constraint on:

Module.Machine_Log/Module.Machine_log_status/Module.Status/StatusId = 1

Then set the text value on the page to Machine/MName over association from Machine_log.


But I think using an autonumber for statusId will not work in your situation, because you don't have control over the value. Depends on your case. Goodluck!