Refresh page with time as parameter.

Hi All, I am working on a use case as explained below: A page is to be refreshed with time as the parameter. My domain model is attached below.  The attributes have the following values  12:00:00     1     Machine1  12:00:10     2     Machine2 12:00:20      3     Machine3 And so on.  So i want to write a microflow to refresh my data page every 10s(As the time interval is 10s)  and as the page updates it’s respective machine name should appear in the table. EXAMPLE: At 12:00:00 Machine1 should display in my table and at 12:00:10 Machine2 should be displayed and Machine1 should disappear.  I am open to suggestions and inputs                                                                                                                Any help is appreciated.  Thanks!
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Hi Pradeep,

You can use the Microflow Timer widget for this:

It allows you to trigger a microflow with a regular interval, in which you could refresh the input parameter object.

Good luck!


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