Configuring Add Button to Show list of Added Items on Page

Hi, I am trying to configure a microflow to an Add button so that it will list the added item on a separate page.    Then the object “added” should show up here   I’ve been trying different microflow objects to create this list to be displayed on a separate page, but to no avail. I was wondering if anyone had a better idea of how to go about this. Thanks!     ~James
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First you have to add the item to the list you've just created. See my picture.

However, your approach will result in a new list with only one item each time you click the button invoking this microflow. Because each time you will create a new list. So it is important to store the list somewhere so that you can later retrieve it and do add/remove operations on the list.




Ok, I see. So would it be better if I just had the mircoflow for add on the course to create the list and add to the list:



And then configure a save button at the end of the course listing page to trigger a microflow to show this list with all the selected courses in a new Fall Schedule page like: