Filter Entity based on enumeration in main entity

Hi , I have Main entity with Region as enumeration and i have another entity second entity which has one to many relation with entity places (In places entity the places are set as per region where i referred the same Region enumeration). I am not able to filter the places entity which the refer as reference selector on a form for second entity. Written a microflow for selectable objects for places through microflow i am getting the filtered list but on the form i am not getting a filtered reference selector even through i just added a change object for second entity in micoflow with just refresh on client and no commit. Screenshot below
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The Places reference selector in the data view should be filled with a Microflow which returns a list of Places by xpath [Region = $Second/Region]. The Region attribute on the data view should have an on change microflow which refreshes the ‘Second’ object.

With the above you will have restricted the selectable Places to the region of the Second object and refresh the list when you change the region.