Time Series Chart with data from an external MySQL database

Hello all,  i have an Microflow https://modelshare.mendix.com/models/05eb13ca-a7c7-472b-a30f-6720dee1aa9b/get-data-from-an-external-mysql-database   With this Microflow the Data comes from an external MySQL database and is stored in an non-peristable entitie called “SelectResultEntityData” The data output is actual in an data grid with the microflow described above . Now my question. What is the easiest way to represent the data in a time series chart?  
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For some reason I had a similar problem with NPE and charts in 8.2.2


If you use a persistable entity to store the data in it should work 


Hello everyone, hello phil and Merry Christmas.

The children are in bed and sleeping. When I passed my home office, I had an idea, changed the microflow and got the following result :)



Yes!!!! :)

But I do not know exactly if this is the right way, because the browser freezes after about a minute ..

However, there are also 3 x 9400 data sets, since I have been saving the weather data every 10 minutes since mid-October. That is a lot of data for such a visualization

I wish you all a Merry Christmas :)


I think you can use line chart and put this microflow inside, for the left you may choose what value to display.


Hello quang nhat tran, 

thanks for your answer. Unfortunately I always get the same error.

“Microflow should have on parameter of type wetterdaten.Dashbord”

I've tried a lot now. but unfortunately I can't figure it out. But when I display data directly from the local mendix database everything works great. It is apparently due to the non-peristable entity "SelectResultWetterdaten". The data for this entity are generated from the microflow. What am I missing? I am thankful for every help.


Merry Christmas

Andreas :)