Issue with division by a variable

Use Case: Variable a : Variable b   --- is giving me an error  Example:    $Map/B : $Map/A          (is throwing an error) tried with $Map/B div $Map/A     still getting an error But if i divide by a constant value (say 10) , I am getting proper output.  Example:  $Map/B : 10 is working properly Note that all variables mentioned above were declared as integers. Can someone help.    
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What output are you expecting? 

I am dividing successfully in my apps so I doubt there is a problem with Mendix itself. A few things to check...

  • Are any of your parameters 0 or empty? That will cause problems.
  • Is your result stored as a Decimal? If not you’ll need to round, floor, or ceil the result if you want it to be an integer.


Hope this helps.