Change object should not be null one more time

So, I am coming back one more time to the same subject (already asked in Now, I have used the following microflow to produce a global variable (= an entity with just one object):  However, the change object action in the end “sees” only the “SOE_CabinetObject”, and not the “NewSOE_CabientObject”. That means that in case the “SOE_CabinetObject” is empty and the new one is created (“NewSOE_CabientObject”), it cannot be passed to change object action, so I receive an Error “Change object should not be null” once again….. How should it be done correctly..? 
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Hi Nick,

It doesn't see the object after the merge since it's also possible it would have taken the MyFirstModule.SOE_Cabinet route. In that case the new object wouldn't exist. So if you want to prevent doing the change object action twice you could use a sub microflow and call this from both the empty line part and the Cabinet line part and pass either the SOE_CabinetObject or the NewSOE_CabinetObject.

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Ok. It works so! :) Thanks!!