Download file action does nothing after upgrade from 6.5.1 to 7.23.8

Hi everyone, I am having an issue where clicking a button which should result in downloading a file does absolutely nothing. It occurred after upgrading from 6.5.1 to 7.23.8. Simply put, the situation is as follows: I have a page with a multi-select datagrid which contains the download button. The underlying microflow uses a document template to generate a PDF file for each selected object. These document are merged into 1 PDF file using the “MergeMultiplePdfs” java action from the community commons (version 8.1.0). Finally a download action to download the resulting PDF file   Neither the browser nor the console gives an error. Also I can see the PDF file that should be downloaded is created in the ../deployment/data/files folder, it just isn’t downloaded when clicking the button. I have tried/checked the following to no avail (based on other forum posts): Pop-ups are allowed, no pop-ups are being blocked The user has read and write rights for all relevant entities Deleting and adding the download file action Deleting the whole mendix project and re-downloading it   Any ideas on what might be the problem? Thanks!
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I would first double check that the file is correctly created. Do you have a overview page in your application of all the documents you create in your application (as MxAdmin of some superuser role)? If not create one and create a page where you can view / download that document. If all looks good here double check the user role of the person who is trying to view the file. Does that person has access rights? Most of the time when you do not see the object while you know it is there security rights are the cause.