ParseInteger function is removing leading zeroes in string value

Hi All, Am converting a string to integer using parseInteger function. Issue is, this string has a value like “008976”, after parseInteger ouput is “8976”. Leading zeroes are getting lost. Could anyone please tell me how to convert string to integer without losing leading zeroes?
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You can't have leading zeroes when parsing to an Integer, because leading zeroes have no mathematical value.

Your best bet would be to keep it as a String if you need the zeroes


An integer doesn’t contain leading zeros, as leading zeros imply a string. You can replace all non-numeric characters instead if you’re just trying to ‘get all numbers contained in a string’.

replaceAll($String, ‘([^0-9])’, ‘’) should do what you’re trying to accomplish.


This is a very tricky one because integers/  numbers just don't start with a 0 otherwise what number will it actually be?

You will have to keep it as a string in order to keep the zeros in the beginning.