Exit Intent (Wait Dont Go) Issues - Round 2

Hi – decided to put this in its own thread. I had replied to https://community.mendix.com/link/questions/91644 but get a different error below for greater visibility. Has anyone been able to use the Exit Intent widget from app store with correct results? While I don’t get an errors, it doesn’t seem to be working. These are the steps I did: Used CommunityCommons.objectHasChanged java method in microflow to detect any changed values Attached above microflow to “Changes Microflow” setting of “ExitIntent” widget   When I click the upper right X of a form/page, the dialog box doesn’t appear asking me if I want to save?
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As the reviews state that the widget isn’t working from Mendix version 7.18 and there was no update since the reviews were added, I expect this widget will not work in your Mendix 8.1.0 project.