Close action Setting of Page Not Working

Hi – I’ve set my “Close Action” page property as follows. When I debug, I don’t see the microflow triggering? What could I be missing? I’ve googled and cannot find the root cause. Thanks   “Close action” property of page: In turn, the above Action button tied to my "Close action” is set as follows: The above microflow is not triggering when I click the upper right “X” of my page? I determined this via debug mode because the microflow never hits the debugger when I click the upper right “X”. Any ideas most appreciated. Thank you! I did search the forum for any leads but haven’t been able to find any. Finally, here is the microflow definition:
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For some reason, using the OnAnyChange app store widget is allowing the above microflow to execute on the “true” branch meaning it’s recognized a change. Is there, however, a way to tell the microflow to STAY on the page even after the user has clicked the upper right X?