login after sso

I am retrieving some user information from an sso, now I need some advice to handle the next step properly. My first idea was to create an user, if he is not already stored in my account database, and then to log him automatically. And for an user already present in the database to log him automatically. But my problem with this, is that I did not succeed to find a way to log an user automatically, is that something possible in mendix? seems really complicated…  Also, an user in mendix have a password, and of course i do not recieving that information from the sso. Thanks for your help.  
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The SSO solution will verify the user so the user does not need to be authenticated in the platform anymore.

The SAML module and the Open Authentication Module show examples of how this can be implemented so I would advice to review the code in these modules to see how the user is created/ provisioned (SAML module only) and logged in.

Have a look at :