Condition in micro flows

Dear Team, I am going through one of the learning path ( Create a path with advance page building) and stuck in below step.I have to write the condition and need to get the input of the user role count. but some how the condition is not showing  the variable ( countForUserList).  Please see the below snapshot. Please help me to get the condition working as i am not able to set the expression. my requirement is need to give condition with count.  
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The dropdown you are showing is showing the attributes of the entity TeamMember. $CountForUserList is not one of them.

Using the expression wizard’s variable dropdown you will not see the $CountForUserList in that dropdown since it only shows objects, not variables. The text ‘Variable’ there is wrong and confusing.

Not using the expression wizard you can type $CountForUserList in the textarea by yourself. It will get recognized when you type ‘Cou’ and press Ctrl+space.