Only show worked hours of the person that is logged in for a specific month.

Hello, I want to be able to show per month how many hours someone has worked based on who is logged in. So if im logged in, I only want to be able to see the hours Ive worked in the month of January for example. I already have 2 microflows, one that retrieves the current person that is logged in, and one that filters all hours worked for each month for ALL people. Is there a way to combine these two microflows, or should I do something else? Any help is appreciated.
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If the registered hours are linked to the System.User entity you can use the $CurrentUser keyword/variable to retrieve all the hours registered for the currently logged in user in one flow.


Hi Dennis,

I doubt you can do it with what you have but if what you are trying to do is reuse some of your code, you might want to break your microflow that retrieves hours for each month for all users and do the following:

- microflow 1: gets a list of hours worked, per month, per user.

- microflow 2: uses microflow one and for each month, adds the hours worked by all users to get the result of your initial microflow.

- microflow 3: uses microflow one together with your microflow that retrieves the user currently logged in to get the number of hours for this user over one month.


Hopefully this has to do with your question :).