Auto-delete on log entries

This maybe a silly question but I have created a log to show deleted accounts (which accounts, deletion date and by who). All the info is recorded into a data grid but I am looking to make sure that the records are deleted when they are over 90 days. I have set the auto delete so that when the value is equal to the below it will auto delete. I have called the it “CutOffDate” : addDays([%CurrentDateTime%],-90)   The Idea is that it will delete the entries when the the date is greater than 90 days. I have set the above to -1 for testing but wont be able to check it until I come back to work after time off so wanted to ask if any knows if….here comes the stupid question….. To action it I have used: [DeletionDate<$CutOffDate] but should the < be a > as I am working with -90 so less than would be -91? I have played the logic back and forth. Any ideas? otherwise I can wait till I come back to check it has worked. Any assistance would be great   
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The < operator is correct for your case!