Joining Lists Together like SQL Only Through Microflow?

Hi – if I have two lists that I want to join together by an attribute and output as a master list with columns from both input lists, is this possible via a microflow? I know I can do this via OQL but am using a microflow because I need to use Context parameter based on selected object, which I don’t think OQL can support. I don’t believe OQL can recognize an object or instance selected by a user, like a particular row selected in a data grid? So using a microflow, I want to do something like: Select * from A, B where A.field1 = b.field1 Where I’m getting hung up on is how to create a final list having columns from both A + B?
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I don't think there is an easy way if you want to do this using native functions. You would have to create a new (non persistable) object containing the combined attributes. Then, after you have retrieved objects A and B, create the new object using the attribute values from objects A and B and pass that object as list at the end.