Assign self task to other person

Hi,  I want to develop a funtionality in which if i am assigned a task to do but due to some reason i have to go on leave so i want that the task should be assigned to other person till the time i am on leave. I want to enter the start date, end date and the person whom i want to assign the task during my leave. So when that task is assigned to that person it should automatically be reflected in his list of task  and not in my list of task. After the end date it should again be assigned to me automatically be reflected in my list of task and deleted from his task list. So if anyone can tell me the procedure and microflow for doing it.  
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Instead of using one association to maintain the responsible for a task I would rather opt for a second association  to administrate a substitute. You can set the entity access such that the substitute can only read/write the entity if current time is within the timeframe you define. This is just a rough outline, tell us if you can already work with that :)