Mendix OQL Module - Feed Object Parameter Based on Data Grid Selection?

Hi – can the OQL module here from the app store accept an object parameter based on data grid selection? Example: after user selects a data grid row, feed that selected data grid row as input to run some OQL? If this is possible, can someone offer hints on how to achieve that? I’ve used this OQL module before but not with the parameter thus described. Thanks for any tips~
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So far I think I have it working from the OQL module … Wish the module had more documentation though to prevent trial-and-error type of things :)


I recently worked on OQL and was facing issue with Parameter  so did below steps.

1.Created seprate entity for Reporting parameter.

2.Create association between report entity and User,session.

3.Create object when click on Report link and using below query as exapmle to filter OQL data.

        INVITE.InviteCode AS InviteCode, 
        INVITE.CustomerEmail AS CustomerEmail 
        CUSTOMER.CompanyName As CompanyName 
  FROM ABC_Customer.Invite  INVITE 
LEFT OUTER JOIN INVITE/ABC_Customer.Invite_CustomerAccount/ABC_Customer.CustomerAccount AS CUSTOMER 
where 1=1
and ( INVITE.DateSent>=(Select max(Reporting.ReportSearch.InviteCreationStartDate)
  from  Reporting.ReportSearch where Reporting.ReportSearch/Reporting.ReportSearch_User='[%CurrentUser%]'
 ) or (Select max(Reporting.ReportSearch.InviteCreationStartDate)
  from  Reporting.ReportSearch)=NULL  )