IMAP/POP3 incoming email: error while encrypting

Hi all, I’ve downloaded the module IMAP/POP3 incoming email, but when i’m creating a new Email provider in the app, it gives me an error and i’m not able to save the settings to the database. When i look into Mendix studio pro, i see an error in the encryption part of the IVK_SaveAccount microflow with the description: Error while encrypting string, Key should not be empty. I don’t understand why this is, because the password is provided in the previous step. When i activate the debugger, I’m getting the following response: The string provided is not an encrypted string. Returning the plain string. Can someone help me? I thought that it was an complete template which i can use without changing stuff.  Thanks in advance!         
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It sounds like you have not set your encryption key. In the Encryption module, in the _USE ME folder there is a constant called EncryptionKey: 'This key will be used to encrypt and decrypt values. The length of this key must be 16 characters.'

Enter a suitable random 16 character key as the value to see if that solves your issue.