REST POST to upload file - multipart/form-data

I am trying to upload a file using the Mendix REST call with the Form-data option. My code works in swagger and Postman but it does not work in Mendix. In the Request tab, using Form-data I think the setup is not correct as I get a “Error calling REST service; 400: Bad Request” message. The difference between Mendix and Postman is that Postman uses a link to the file location “cadfile=@...” whereas Mendix is sending a binary file. The $NewImportGeometry_File_3 is a File document.  I am not sure what the right setup is in Mendix. I would appreciate any guidance. Thanks.   form-data documentation does not help – This helped with the entity setup –  
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The form-data from Mendix can be used if you put correct headers. 

HTTP Headers section in REST call should include all these ( No content-type header as Mendix puts it by default and even if you try to , Mendix gives you an error message) 

  • Accept : */*
  • Accept-Encoding : gzip, deflate, br
  • Connection : keep-alive


Request section in REST call should include 

  • Key : File
  • Value : the filedocument object of your application


This was tested with Mendix 8.17.0


In Mendix 8.9.0, an issue was fixed in posting multipart/form-data. Maybe you’re experiencing that issue?