Change Object activity bug?

When changing an object, it was possible to do the following (in one `Change Object` activity): Lets call the object $ViewObject. 1. Change member `ShowA` (Boolean) with value: ($BlaA or $BlaB) and $BlaC 2. Change member `ShowB` (Boolean) with value: $ViewObject/ShowA and $BlaD   Previously, it would use the updated value of `ShowA` to determine the value of `ShowB`. But now (at least in Mendix 8.5) it uses the old value of `ShowA`. So this means that we now need two `Change Object` activities, one to first update `ShowA` and one to use `ShowA` to update `ShowB`.   Is my analysis correct? And is this a bug in the Mendix platform?
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Jep this is a know issue, see the release notes:

Changes in a change object activity are being executed all at once instead of being executed sequentially. In an example scenario, there is an input object “Entity” with an “Attribute1” with the value of old value. If the value of “Attribute1” is changed to new value and the value of “Attribute2” is changed to $Entity/Attribute1 in the change object activity, the result is that “Attribute1” is updated to new value, but the value of “Attribute2” is updated to old value (when it should also be updated to new value). This will be fixed in Mendix Studio Pro 8.6.0.


Should be fixed in 8.6