Cant we have SQLquery in microflow to query domain entity model

Cant we have SQLquery in microflow  to query domain entity model like we have database connector which is used query from external database. there I have requirement to retrieve and value from different entities which are related to each. querying multiple times lead to performance issue.   Please suggest.   Thank You, Arun
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You should be able to use OQL for this. See appstore

  • To answer your question directly, yes it is possible. You have to refer the Mendix API documents. But strictly this must be avoided to prevent any other issues popping up due to bad programming practice or not understanding the API properly.
  • You said entities are related to others and you want to load data:
    • But why do you want to query multiple times? When an entity is related to other entities then retrieving that one entity should also get other associated items which you could traverse back and forth with the object hierarchy.
    • When you are directly retrieving from database (using microflow activity) then it retrieves all the information unlike on the data grid which has paging options. So you must program pagination your self.
      • This is purely dependent on the functionality you are intended to develop.
    • Although you might succeed in loading data using OQL or SQL, unless you work on the paging or a better way to get the data you will always end up with performance issues.