Before commit microflow validation message?

I’m trying to implement a validation microflow to check whether the right number of associations are set to my record. I would like it to apply to all data insertion methods, be it through direct sql import, page, api, etc. I’ve created the workflow and assigned it the before commit event of my object. Functionnally, it seems to be working but I’m having issues returning the validation failure messages :  1. I don’t know how to display the reason of the failure in the validation input field of a page since the Validation Feedback activity doesn’t show me a list of such validation message fields.  “Show message” activity doesn’t seem to be executed The console returns: “An error has occurred while handling the request. “. I wish there was a way to catch this functional exception in a less dramatic way but couldn’t find how to do so in the microflow. The client  returns “An error occurred while executing On click at ...“, which, again would be nicer dealt with with a custom message.    I see that a few years ago, the common answer to similar questions was to just create a custom save button. But does it mean that I would also need to duplicate my microflow by type of client (web page, api, sql...)? 
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I think that you still have the show error tick mark set on your before commit microflow. Then the message an error has occurred will be shown, see section 2.2.3