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Hi – I’m trying to create a bar chart and my data isn’t showing … Meaning the bar chart as a zero height bar. So far below is what I’ve done. I followed some of the items here. Can anyone advise what I’m missing? Created microflow to create an object from the entity I need (just a “Create Object” activity, and that object is returned by the MF) Inserted chart into a dataview, and dataview points to the microflow above Configured chart to point to the entity referenced by the microflow in #1 Configured chart x-axis and y-axis as separate fields   I’m wondering about step #1 above – I’ve created an object, but don’t I need to put data in there via the MF? I already have an entity created with data but not sure how to put that as an object to be returned by the MF.
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Just posting my answer to this: I found it was data related and not my setup … Took awhile to realize it!