how to apply filter microflow from a certain page parameter to the datagrid with a different parameter.

Hi All, I am trying to include a lot of screenshots to help understand what issue i am having right now.  I have a reference selector  i created ‘on Change’ on this reference selector and created the microflow to retrieve the list of data from a different table (ACCL_Component) that matches the data in this reference selector.     First retrieve properties: Second retrieve properties:   The end event properties:   I am getting the correct list of data but my question is how do i apply it to my datagrid. (I see the data when i debug it)   Please help.  
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  • Create an association between PSCL_Component and ACCI_Components entities.  It should be a many to many association and will be used to contain the search results.
  • Place the DataGrid inside of the Dataview on your page
  • Retrieve the objects in the Dataview over the association you created above
  • in the Microflow, when you get the results, set the association value to be the list of ACCI_Components

Doing this will display the search results in the nested datagrid.  One thing about this approach:  when you open the page, there will be no ACCI_Components in the grid unless you open the page with a microflow and populate some initial results into the association.

You could also use the Grid Search widgets from the app store to create a similar capability.   Just follow the configuration instructions in the app store.