How to pass form values (Data view and Data Grid) to POST call.

My domain model looks like this   This is the front page I’ve created where I’m filling the values. I want these values to be passed to POST call.   I’ve created Json and Export mapping already.  This is the MF I’ve created, with no error. It triggers when ‘Save’ button clicked. In the post call I’m able to pass only ‘Root’ values. I’m not able to pass JsonObject values in the POST  call. I thought in MF, I’ve to pass Root values and using association I can get rest 2 other entity values. Plz help me where I’m doing wrong.  Thanks in advance  
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Hi Arjun,

You have to create the 2 other objects and associate them to the Root object (associate the JsonObject to Arr). Then you can pass the Root object as parameter to the REST call.