How to solve error CE1573 related to microflow parameter

Hi All,  I am building an application and in  settings home page of my app, I created a layout grid. In each layout grid, there are 5 columns with a container bloc.  I want that for each container bloc, the user can access to related content by clicking on.  So I set a “onclick” properties to show pages, but  it occurs an error because objects (Questions) is not available on this page. So I created a microflow to call object before showing the concerned page and I linked it with my container bloc, but I have an other error (CE14573)  such “Parameter ‘Question’ of selected microflow does not match available arguments.”        I view documentation about error fix on mendix, but it doesn’t match with my error case.  Could anyone can tell me what wrong and how can I fix this issue please ? Thanks in advance.   
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Heey Charles,

In the place where you call your microflow it needs to have the object of Question. Otherwise it cant be used as a input parameter for a microflow. Try addind a dataview of question around the container that calls the microflow. Or dont use a input parameter and retrive the question object in the microflow itself