On change microflow called after button microflow (rather than in logical sequence)

I’ve got a form with several text box fields with on change microflows.  These work as you’d expect if the user tabs between them or looses the focus on a text field by clicking outside the box. There are also buttons on the page with microflows.  If the user changes a value in a text box and then clicks on an action button (Without having first tabbed out of the textbox) the microflow for the button fires, and then the on change microflow for the field is triggered. This seems the reverse of what would be logical (and certainly what we need for our app).  We’d like to see the on change event for the textbox resolved, and then the action for the button run. Does anyone know any way to fix this for the desired behaviour? Thanks, Dom  
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Indeed a not logical order. Raise a ticket at support.mendix.com for it. 

Meanwhile, can you try if the OnChange fires sooner when you use a nanoflow instead of a microflow.