Exception occurred between two microflow objects

I have an application where a microflow is triggered based on messages received in a java action callback. A java action does this using the Core.execute microflow function. A microflow is run every 5 seconds and more than one sources can invoke it that means this microflow could be invoked multiple times every 5 seconds.  Average execution time of microflow is 40ms.  It caused error on very normal load i.e., 2 microflow invokes every 5 seconds. Error message is below:   MicroflowEngine: Exception occurred between two microflow object executions, microflow 'MyFirstModule.Microflow' is terminated. MicroflowEngine: java.lang.NullPointerException: null  
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Hi Umar,

Did you have a look at the following forum post alreat?


Based on your description, it seems you're also executing the microflow with no user context. Could the object handling within the microflow you're trying to execute be a problem in you're case?