Call REST sends HTTP header in redirect

Hey, Call REST appears to always send HTTP headers with the request, also when redirected. This causes the following HTTP response: “Only one auth mechanism allowed; only the X-Amz-Algorithm query parameter, Signature query string parameter or the Authorization header should be specified” is there a work around for this? Thank you for your help
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Please, could you provide some more details about your use case? Do you try to send a request by Mendix to a Rest Service?



I am trying to call an API with a REST (GET) function. However, the API doesn´t give a response, but redirects me to an AmazonS3 Server. In order to validate the redirect for the AmazonS3 Server, it adds among others an X-AMZ Security Token and a Signature. 

Then Mendix keeps sending the Authentication Header (which I only need for the initial API call, not the redirect) with the redirected request. This results in multiple authentication mechanisms for the AmazonS3 Server and therefore in an Error…

Is there any way to cancel a redirect in a REST function or get the redirect URL in order for me to start a second REST function without header?


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