How to check dirty state of object

Consider a scenario where user is editing an object. On clicking ‘save’ button, some microflow is being called. This microflow contains multiple steps and takes long time finish the execution. As a solution to this, I want to check at the start of microflow that object I am getting from edit form (as an argument to microflow) is actually modified i.e. at least one of the attributes is modified. If yes then only I want to execute complete microflow else I would like to skip. How can I check that object is in dirty (modified) state? Is there any way to do this in Mendix.   
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In a microflow, you could model this by retrieving the object from the database and checking if all values are equal.

In Java, this is really easy, since there is a method for this

Boolean isChanged = iMendixObject.isChanged();

You can find documentation here, in the IMendixObject class. This method is already exposed as Java action in the CommunityCommons module: objectHasChanged.