Calculate boolean values in check boxes

Hi guys, I’m brand new to Mendix. I’m trying to iterate through a set of check boxes, each with their own Boolean value. For boxes that are ticked (i.e. the value is true), I want the loop to continue to check the next box. When the loop comes across a box that is unticked (i.e. the value is false) I need to have the loop display this on another page. So the other page will display (in text) the label values of any check boxes that were unticked (any boxes where the value was false) – could anybody recommend the easiest way of achieving this? Many thanks
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Hi Samuel,

This set of check boxes you mention you want to iterate over, are these objects? If so you can simply create a list view that only displays the objects for which the value is false. This can be done using Xpath as data source, or a microflow in which you filter your objects. In the list view, just have a text element that displays the desired label and you are done!

If it's simply booleans on a single entity, you can set the visibility on the second page based on expressions, only displaying your text element or field when the boolean is false.

Let me know if I understood you case properly or if this doesn’t solve your question, either way good luck!