How can a button call a microflow with a parameter?

Dear, I want use a button to call a microflow, and also transfer a parameter to this micorflow? Now this parameter is shown in ‘Microflow settings’ page,but I do not know how to assign a value to this parameter.   BR, Ma Sheng.
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Place the button inside of a dataview or listiview pointed to the ProductType entity.  Then the button will get the ProductType parameter


I doubt about that like as you.

In case of object, most likely entity, it is much clear.

But for other types(eg. String, boolean and so one), I have no idea how to assign the parameter value that is defined in a microflow.

0 case of creating an object

U can not get para from button . Usually u can new an object in a mircoflow and pass it to a page. case of editing an object

U can put edit button inside of a dataview and get the object.