Form dropdowns loaded via microflows causing page to load slowly

Hi there, Is there a way to improve the performance of loading a form that utilizes a lot of dropdown fields that all use a microflow to load the selectable objects for each dropdown?  Currently we have a form with about 50+ dropdown fields on it and for each one, the selectable values are set via a microflow.  This causes a large number of requests to be queued up in the browser since modern browsers have a 6 request limit.  Is there a way to have a single request to load all of the drop down selectable options for all of the dropdowns or some other way to improve the performance here?  We’re trying to minimize the round trips between the client and the server. Thanks!
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short answer is no.

Is there a reason you need to source all of these dropdowns via microflow?  Perhaps you can revisit your domain model so that they can be sourced using native widgets.